Sherri Green

Sherri Green enjoys a good laugh and finds joy in many aspects of life. Evidence of this is seen in the Lingít name she was given: At Shoog̱u Shaawát (laughing woman). Those that meet her quickly find out how appropriately she has been named.

At Shoog̱u Shaawát has long had an interest in language and education. She sees language learning as a journey of discovery. Learning a language provides more than knowing how to read and write. She has seen and experienced how learning language teaches the learner about culture and perspective.

At Shoog̱u Shaawát taught in the Vancouver area for a few years before deciding to explore life in East Africa. There she helped in the development of a mother-tongue based education program. This experience helped develop her skills and increased her interest in curriculum development and teacher training. After some years, At Shoog̱u Shaawát felt the Yukon was calling her home. She returned to her hometown, Whitehorse, where she met the Executive Director of COTTS, K’èdukà Jack.

In her role as Curriculum Director for COTTS, she has found a place where her interests and abilities are a perfect fit. She is fascinated by the process of exploring how a language works to help create a sequential and effective way to learn languages.

Although she was not born of Lingít descent, At Shoog̱u Shaawát is a dedicated member of the lead cohort that is currently piloting the Lingít curriculum. She often takes additional responsibilities and leadership roles as the needs of the program grow and change, and has found true friendship and camaraderie as an active participant. She has been a part of the team since the inception of this work, and continues to be an essential member of the COTTS team and language learning cohort.