Language Work

Lingít Language Curriculum

Based on a proven method by the Salish School of Spokane
used by three Interior Salish languages, and now Lingít
with gratitude and optimism.


The Children Of The Taku Society, along with our partners, are developing a comprehensive, sequenced curriculum designed to help new learners become fluent in Lingít. The curriculum is composed of six textbooks divided into three levels. At each level there is a language book and a literature book. Each book is accompanied by audio recordings and additional materials to aid in learning and teaching.

Kèyishí Bessie Cooley, and Ànàlahàsh Sam Johnston are the primary translators for the Lingít Curriculum Project. The curriculum model and its organization have been adapted from the Salish Curriculum Project, as tested and proven effective by the Salish School Of Spokane.

The Lingít curriculum is currently being developed at an intermediate level, with a first edition of the Lingít 2 Textbook scheduled to be complete in January of 2021. In addition to the textbooks and audio we are working to create a book of lesson plans to accompany each textbook, a manual that outlines the direct acquisition activities in the lesson plans, and printable classroom materials to assist future teachers. The curriculum and all resources developed are available for download here on our website. Interested parties are allowed to download and print all materials for educational, non-commercial use. Sale of the materials for any reason is prohibited.

The curriculum is paired with a methodology that was developed to create a structure for new learners to safely teach and acquire language within. It is recommended that those who wish to use these materials seek training in the methodology, as it was specifically designed to deliver the curriculum effectively.

The following diagram outlines the structure of the curriculum, and the order in which the textbooks should be taught and learned:

We are currently developing our intermediate textbooks, and have 2 beginner textbooks available for download here: